What steps should I take when receiving a claim/strike?

Premium, Pro, and Business Subscribers:

Premium, Pro, and Business subscribers can use their Soundful created tracks in various monetized projects within our licensing terms.  However, sometimes automated systems on these platforms may mistakenly flag content for issues or users may falsely flag them as their own. Please note that Soundful does not have direct control over the actions taken on third-party platforms unless directly stated.

To address this matter, we recommend disputing the claim you received for your Soundful track. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Provide the screenshot of your current plan which shows the projects you are sharing are licensed to monetize on social platforms. You can also include a link to our licensing page here.
  2. A copy of your most recent invoice.
  3. The shareable link of your created track – this shows it is unique to your account.

We also recommend that you insert this link into the description or submission section of your projects.

If you should have any further questions or concerns, or need assistance in reviewing your received claim, please reach out to Support with the following information:

1. The shareable link to your created track in question.
2. The name of the platform in which you have received this claim/strike.
3. The link to the video or track that is claiming ownership to your created track.


Disclaimer: While Soundful is designed to generate unique tracks for each user, it is possible that AI can create tracks that are substantially similar or the same.