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What is My Library?

Every Soundful subscriber has a My Library that is unique to them. This section holds all your saved or favorited tracks, loops, and styles.

It is your go to spot to see how many downloads you have available as well as the place to search, download, and sort all your tracks, loops, and styles. Let’s break it down by section.

The top section of the My Library shows your account details including: how many tracks you’ve created, your name, how many MP3 and .WAV downloads you have available (music note icon), how many monthly STEMs you have available (calendar icon), and how many STEMs you have purchased (receipt icon).


Below the account details are the menus for your created tracks that you have saved (Creations), your favorited Global Tracks and styles (Favorites), and your downloaded tracks and loops (Downloads)

For Creations and Downloads you can sort your tracks by Type (track or loop), Genre, Template, BPM and Key.

Your tracks will also display this information: Title, Genre, Template, BPM, Key, Duration, and waveform (if available). 

Your Favorites menu will have two sections: Templates and Tracks. Your Tracks section can be sorted the same way as Creations and Downloads

You can also favorite tracks from your Creations list and they will appear in your Favorites section under Tracks. This comes in handy when you have a large list of created tracks and would like to favorite only the ones you plan to download at this time.