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How do I download my Soundful tracks?

Step 1: To download one of your created tracks, go to My Library and select the GET button on your desired track.

Soundful AI music

Step 2: A popup will appear prompting you to select a download option. This popup will also show you how many of each download type is available. Select Render & Download.

AI steam generator

Step 3: A new popup will appear confirming your track is in the process of downloading.


STEM and .WAV formats may take longer to render depending on your network connection

Step 4: Once your render is completed you will receive an email stating your track is ready for download.


Step 5: You can download by selecting the Download button (previously GET).

Step 6: A popup will appear prompting you to select what file types you wish to download your track as. You can select multiple file types if you have the available downloads.
Downdolad content

One monthly download will allow for you to download both the MP3 and .WAV of your track. STEMs are a separate available download format.

Step 7: After selecting your desired download formats, Soundful will notify you when the download has been completed through onsite popups.

Congratulations! You now have a one of a kind Soundful track!