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Knowledge Base

You can create a track in a few different ways:
1. Click the create button at any time from the player at the bottom of the screen. Then select "Similar" or "New".
2. Hover over any template and click the create button

New: Create a track from scratch. You'll choose a genre and then a template (or sub-genre) to create a track in seconds.

Similar: When you're listening to a track this option will be enabled when you click the create button . It will create a track using the same parameters as the track you're listening to.

You can always adjust the creation parameters to get just the right sound.

Templates are sub-genres that have been created by the Soundful Music Production team. You can create tracks from any template on Soundful.

Tracks are pre-created song that are browseable, playable, and downloadable by all users.

The "Tracks" section is a great place from where you can get inspiriation, just listen, or create similar tracks.

You can search and browse "Tracks" section to find exactly what you are looking for without having to create a track yourself.

Please reach out to us at support@soundful.com so that we can make everything right.

Soundful allows you to produce studio quality tracks in seconds. By simply choosing a genre and template, visitors to Soundful can quickly craft the right music for any purpose.

1. Under a Free Plan:

You may use the tracks that are created under a Free plan for personal non-commercial purposes. That includes ANY use cases that are meant to be not-for-profit, and that are not promoting any commercial activity in any way.

Exclusive Deals allows you to own rights to the music you create.

You MUST give credit to Soundful when using the track. You can add the following line in the description:

Music by Soundful: https://www.soundful.com

2. Under the Premium Plan:

You can use the tracks for monetized content across Social Media, Websites, and Online Ads only

The copyright of the tracks you create is owned by Soundful Inc.

You DO NOT need to give credit to Soundful when using the track


You always get a unique track. The same track will NEVER be created more than once.


You can downgrade or cancel your subscription anytime from your profile page or by clicking here [link the word "here"].

We will store the tracks you've created on the platform and those tracks you've downloaded as part of your subscription will always be available.

If you've uploaded any media (videos, audio, etc), those will be deleted after 30 days.

If you've purchased an Exclusive Deal of any track, you will retain those rights regardless of your subscription level.

You can reset your password by clicking this link here. If you have any issues you can always reach out to us at support@soundful.com

Please reach out to us at mydata@soundful.com so that we can help with your request.

Please reach out to us at support@soundful.com so that we can help you out.